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     The Alamo Area Crime Prevention Association is a regional member of the Texas Crime Prevention Association (TCPA) and serves the
    following counties:

    Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Calhoun, Comal, DeWitt, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio, Gillespie, Goliad, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Jackson, Karnes, Kendall,
    Kerr, Kinney, LaSalle, Lavaca, Maverick, Medina, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde, Victoria, Wilson and Zavala

    Although we are an organization made up mostly of Law Enforcement Officers, membership is open to any person or organization with an
    interest in Crime Prevention.

    This website is designed to provide members and visitors with resources and education related to Crime Prevention.

    If you are interested in joining the AACPA, which also makes you a TCPA member, please visit the TCPA membership page for more information.




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AACPA Monthly meetings, everyone welcome, including visitors

Mexican Grill


    Next Meeting

                   September 21, 2021 (Tuesday)  12:00 PM
Las Palapas - WALZEM    (Walzem & IH-35)
                   4802 Walzem Rd,  San Antonio, TX 78218

     Guest Speaker

  At each monthly Meeting, except July, a member's name will be selected using the
  Random Name Picker" program.  Member must be present to win.
  If that member is present they will receive a $50.00 cash prize

  Up to three (3) tries to find a member currently present at the meeting.  
  Exception - Each December - the drawing will repeat until a winner is finely selected.
  Drawings will be held at the conclusion of each meeting. 

  No drawing will be held in July since most members will be away attending the Summer TCPA
  Annual Conference.

  If you need to verify if your name is in the "Random Name Picker" program's database,
  just call to check, Don Carr  at 210-381-0250.

Last drawings results:   8/17/2021

    Robert H.    -  Not present
I.         -  Not present
    Timothy K.  -  Not present

                   Jackie Ipiña
                                State Program Manager & Law Enforcement Liaison
                Mothers Against Drunk Driving

                South Texas Office, 8610 Broadway Suite 320, San Antonio, TX 78217
                        210.349.0200 ext. 4813, 210.273.6422 mobile, 877.MADD.HELP victim support | 877.ASK. MADD


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               Join us in creating a future of NO MORE VICTIMS™. Take actionvolunteerdonate or sign up. You can make a difference.

                      From legislation to law enforcement to the latest technology.
                      Learn how the 
Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving will do just that—end drunk driving.



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Alamo Area Crime Prevention Association
was selected to host the 47th Annual
Training Conference in San Antonio, Texas
in July 10-15, 2022. 

The Holiday Inn Riverwalk was chosen as
the host hotel.  The hotel is located at
217 North St. Mary's Street in downtown
San Antonio.

Conference member's registration - $250                Non-member's
           Non member's registration - $350
        Register at TCPA.ORG


Host Hotel:
   Holiday Inn Riverwalk
      TCPA's special room rate - $124 per night
               Discounted parking - $ 10 per night
                   Breakfast Buffet  - $ 15
























 TCOLE Hours

Class Dates

Class Times

Information - Flier



BIT 1014 Basic Instructor Training Course                       40 10/18/2021 - 10/22/2021 9 AM - 6 PM INFORMATION REGISTER $275
CIT 1850 Crisis Intervention Training                                 40 11/15/2021 - 11/19/2021 9 AM - 6 PM INFORMATION REGISTER  $275
CIRC-A 3843 Crisis Intervention Refresher Course, Class A 8 TBA TBA      
CIRC-B 3843 Crisis Intervention Refresher Course, Class B 8 TBA TBA      
CP-1 2101 Crime Prevention, Part 1                                    40




CP-2 2102 Crime Prevention, Part 2                                    40 TBA TBA      
CPTED 2103

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

24 TBA TBA      
CSI 2108 Crime Scene Investigation 40 10/4/2021 - 10/8/2021 9 AM - 6 PM INFORMATION REGISTER $275



















StrykeForce is based in San Antonio, Texas and offers its services Statewide.  We have assisted clients across Texas in their security needs.

StrykeForce is a consulting firm specializing in physical security
assessment and analysis, as well as crime prevention training in

StrykeForce offers the following security consulting services:

  • Security assessment of Business and Residence.
  • Robbery Training
  • Personal Safety
  • Senior Safety
  • Certification in Crime Prevention for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Crime Prevention Programs
  • Live Simulation Tactical Training with LaserShot
  • Crime Prevention TCOLE Certification in:
    Part 1 - Home Security Surveys
    Part 2 - Business Security Surveys
    Part 3 - Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Basic Instructor Course

32 Years Law Enforcement Retired SAPD Police Officer

Call: 210-722-0523

































































WELCOME . . . . 


Serving the Texas Counties of:  Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Calhoun, Comal, DeWitt, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio, Gillespie, Goliad, Gonzales,
Guadalupe, Jackson, Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, Kinney, LaSalle, Lavaca, Maverick, Medina, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde, Victoria, Wilson and Zavala